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Guy Parsons
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Online DOF plotter

Guy Parsons wrote:

There's a graphic display at but
it currently has a bug when I try it, I have emailed the author.
When it comes alive again it gives a good display of how the dof
varies for various choices of lens, focus distance, circle of
confusion (0.005mm for R3/4/5/6 cameras), and aperture.

The online plotter is working again, I managed to contact Nick Sushkin (on holidays) and he has revived the calculator.

Try it as the Frames version for being maybe easier to play with, plug in the real focal length used, like 4.6mm up to 33mm for the R3/4/5/6 and the 0.005mm circle of confusion and see how the depth of field behaves at various distances

Regards.............. Guy

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