Nikon & Sony rumours

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Re: Nikon & Sony rumours

Personally I'm not looking for the camera to add yet-another-PP
item. I ought to be able to set it in camera and forget about it.

I suppose it may make sense to have a 1.5 crop as an option (maybe with higher frame rate to boot). I can only think of one real reason to want to use a reduced crop lens on a 35mm-frame camera and that's to get some ultra-wide views, e.g. using the 11-18mm which covers a 43.3mm image circle at the upper end. Hence, you may want to not crop, otherwise you might as well use a lens designed for a 43.3mm image circle.

But more to the point, from a technical and compositional point of
view, the lens you choose should be based on the image you want to
make. It shouldn't be the othe way around--i.e., the image you make
is based on the lens you choose.

Agree in general. However, circumstances may mean that you don't have the ideal lens mounted at the time. Also, sometimes it's quicker to take a whole scene and then crop afterwards allowing for time for more consideration. But constraints can sometimes lead to creativity, e.g. sticking a "normal" lens on a camera and working within the limits of a fixed focal length, neither wide nor long. I think some of my more insightful photos are taken this way. It's less about the lens and more about picking the right window on the world.


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