Nikon & Sony rumours

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Re: Nikon & Sony rumours

CDBrugg wrote:

I must apologise if the following has already been posted here/is
old hat or if this should have been posted elsewhere

According to the French magazine ‘Réponses Photo’ (issue 183 June
2007), Nikon will soon bring out a new ‘pro’ camera, suitable both
for studio and for photojournalism. It will be available around the
same time as the Rugby World Cup later this year (early autumn?).

The part of the story that will interest this forum is as follows:
this new camera will use a 18.7MP sensor made by Sony, slightly
smaller than FF (x1.1) thus allowing further use of the classic F
mount. As was the case for the D200, Nikon will have exclusive use
of this sensor for 12 months.

why would sensor size limit use of the F mount? Last I remembered my Nikon N6006 using "film" was full frame...

I have no idea how reliable/useful this info is for those of us
waiting for the new Sony models.


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