Nikon & Sony rumours

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Re: Nikon & Sony rumours

Hopefully Sony & Nikon would have a feature in the camera to detect
Digital lenses and reduce the crop to Aps-c size, thus allowing you
use your Aps lenses but at a reduced image size.

Since the image circles of reduced-crop lenses vary from lens to lens (some APS-C zooms lenses cover a 43.3mm image circle at their longer end, some others never do), it'd be better to let the photographer choose in post-processing exactly what they want to include in the final frame. One person's adequate edge performance is another's abysmal.

So if Nikon came out with a 18mp FF Camera the Aps lens would
render 8mp (2.25 crop factor size between Aps size sensor and FF)
not bad...

Crop factors are usually expressed as linear reduction in sensor dimensions, not areal.


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