Nikon & Sony rumours

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The bigger issue

High ISO sensitivity is a much bigger issue for both Sony and Nikon than sensor size. The complaint about the D2X is almost always the noise at high iso. Sony's urgent problem is positioning the semi pro camera against the Canon 30D and it is hard to see how they are going to do it without narrowing the gap on high ISO sensitivity. Neither Nikon nor Sony will compete with the Canon 5D unless they match it on noise since low noise is the 5D characteritic that is most valued. Moreover, even with its 1.3 crop factor, the 1D Mark III may well be a significant improvement on the 5D. Unless Sony can overcome the noise differential with its new sensors, a full frame sensor will not do much to imrprove the competitive position of either Sony or Nikon. It does seem fairly clear that whatever improvements Sony's new sensors do show, Nikon is not going to get a year's exclusive access to them. We should see them in the cropped Sony semi-pro camera sometime in the next few months.
David Jacobson

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