Nikon & Sony rumours

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Rumors, Rumors, More Rumors

David Haslam wrote:

The development costs of these large sensors is very high. You
just need to look at the time it has taken for the FF sensors to
appear. This is coupled with quite small sales volumes in
comparison to small sensors and other electronic products.
Still it is strange that Sony would give away exclusive rights to
such an important asset since they need to establish their own
range as soon as possible.

There is a long history of Nikon rumors that have been discussed at length by people with some real credibility before they evaporated in the mist to be followed by a new set. These new ones could have some merit and it will not be surprising if Nikon does introduce a full frame professional camera at some point. But Nikon has been doing quite well with its crop cameras. In any case, there is not much potential for a professional grade camera to have a big impact on the bottom line.

As far as agreements between Sony and Nikon go, the source of the rumor certainly has no knowledge of either future or past agreements. This kind of information is never made public. Some people think they know and they might have made the right guess. But then again they might not.

For Sony, a full frame camera is even less of an urgent issue then it is for Nikon. Its quite possible that the professional camera will be full frame. It might even arrive next year. But then again it might never arrive. If Sony really does have a committed plan for it, they will probably have avoided a conflict in whatever agreement they have made with Nikon. In any case a professional camera has even much less prospect of contributing anything significant to Sony's bottom line than it does to Nikon's. If it arrives, it will be more of a technology demonstration than a profit maker.
David Jacobson

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