A sad day for DPReview readers - A happy day for Phil.

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Re: A sad day for DPReview readers - A happy day for Phil.

Congratulations!!! I think this is excellent news. First, Phil gets rewarded for his hard work and dedication.

Congrats to Amazon for seeing this little jewel and grabbing it before someone else with less scruples did. They now have themselves the best little Digital Imaging department on the planet.

Given the quality of the boards, I do not feel that there is any chance that reviews and stories will be biased. The kickback from the readers will be impossible to ignore.

I, for one, was a complete photography newbie before I came to DPR. What I learned here gave me the confidence to buy the equipment I did. If you have asked me 4 years ago if I would someday happily spend $6000 on photographic gear I would have told you that are insane.

So thanks to DPR, I've made a sizable contribution to the digital imaging economy, and I have no regrets doing so. I love my DSLR and the lenses I bought.

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