Giving up on P&S altogether, I think

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Peter Bendheim
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Giving up on P&S altogether, I think

I've gone through these damn things like some people smoke cigarettes. Maybe 30 different ones..and the G7 just about makes it in the "sort of OK" book.

I don't buy and get rid of these damn things because I like gadgets and I think it's cost me a lot (we don't have liberal US style return policies in South Africa)...

So, why have I bought and disposed of so many over the last few years? Easy to answer on a bit of self reflection -- they are all mostly so damn lousy...either slow, too noisy, or both.

Looking back on my years of photography and the more important images I have made and sold, very few of them have been on a P&S.

I carry a P&S, because I want to alays have a camera on me.

BUT, and here's the big but, what if I come across an important or lifetime shot, and I only have a lousy P&S and miss the shot because it's too noisy or too slow to graab the action? Why bother with a P&S then in the first place.

The answer was simple. WAS, being the operative word. My D2x was hugely big and heavy.

But now, the D40 has changed all that. Barely bigger than the CP8800, light and ultra compact (you should see it next to the D2X), it's fast, versatile, shoots great, and I mean GREAT ISO800 and it fits very well indeed into my daypack. Now the D2X is reserved for big assignments with the D200 and D40 as backups.

Sure, no illusions here, it's not remotely pocketable, but it will easily fit into my my small daypack just like the CP8800 did.

So yes, my P5000, G7 and Canon S3IS have pretty much become obsolete since the D40 came along...and judging by the way P&S models are going..with stupidly high MP on a tiny chip, more noise and cruddy viewfinders, I won't be going through the endless buying and selling and continual disappointment for a long time to come.

Some D40 shots on my blog, if you want to look.

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