I want to see a written Code Of Conduct from Amazon.com

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Re: Why do you think that Amazon

CD sales are already slipping due to digital music downloads (legal and otherwise). Books are still the best way to read, but Sony and others are working on digital solutions, which are no longer half-bad. When they become as good as the iPod is at carrying music, book sales will plummet.

Looking to the future, Amazon believes that providing content over the Internet will be the "next thing". That's why they're opening an online music store to compete with iTMS. That's also why they're looking to gain control of "content". DPReview is content.

Amazon, being big, can probably get better advertisers than an independent DPReview. It's also an opportunity to steer the readers into their own store.

DPReview has really only two assets:
1. The stuff Phil writes.
2. The forums.

Both attract visitors to the site, and Amazon can't really mess around with either. That's why I don't see much change happening. We're probably not going to see any more ads from other retailers, and the "buy now" button will probably lead to Amazon. I don't see much else.

Greg Gebhardt wrote:

will be running a independent non-bias site?

This is AMAZON, the largest internet retailer on earth.

Why do you think they bought DPR? They did it to make money!
AMAZON did not get to be the largest internet retailer by being

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