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I have a strong suspision that Canon is going to win this round by not trying too hard. Oly has knocked itself out by pushing way beyond current limits. Sony is having some major problems with their image processing. That may be fixable, but they also have serious edge to edge sharpness issues, which is probably not fixable.

Let's say Canon is correct, that there is really very limited room that they can push for the new camera - how do you feel that Canon have done with these specs?

8mp - average Joe wants it, and Sony makes it, so no choice.

12X - conservative choice, may be big winner.

Hot shoe - might come in handy for some indoor shots, assuming you use just one camera.

2.5" high-res fully articulated lcd - the best there is.

Same evf - not good, but still better than the immediate competitions Oly and Sony.

Burst speed - apparently Sony have to apply heavy jpeg compression to achieve the higher burst rate.

Video - Canon still beats all competitors, even not considering movie snap. Save H264 for next round.

Shot in the dark - advantage Sony, no doubt, but minor consideration for just about anyone.

Predictive auto focus - this is big, big win for Sony, but S5 spec hints at something similar (I hope).

Focus speed - apparently Sony is super fast, likely big advantage to Sony.

Battery - majority of users prefer AAs.

IQ - I am prediting a win for Canon, based on what's known about S3, and what's been posted in STF.

Definitely not "H9 by a wide margin". If Sony come up with a great firmware upgrade, and Canon execute worse than they can with the S5, then H9 will edge in front, but S5 will hold its own well enough that few Sx users will switch to Sony.

leoleson wrote:

I've been a loyal Canon user since I bought my first A-1 back in
1978. I currently have a few different Canons - both film and
digital, including an S2 IS which I still enjoy using very much.
I've been eagerly waiting for the next version of this series and I
have to say that, at first glance, I'm disappointed.

Comparing it to the Sony H9:

They're both 8MP

You can pre-order the S5 on Amazon for $500. You can pick up the
H9 now for $480

The S5 has 12X zoom with a 35mm equiv. of 36-423mm. The H9 has 15X
zoom with a 35mm equiv of 31-465mm. I've been wanting something
with a wider angle.

The S5 has a hot shoe. What the heck do I want a hot shoe for? I
carry a compact camera with me because it's a lot easier than
lugging my Canon 10D around, along with the extra lenses and flash.
I want something light, compact, self-contained, and simple that I
can put in my carry-on bag, day pack, or just carry in one hand to
a party. I don't want a lot of accessories.

The S5 does 1.5 FPS continuous. The H9 does 2.2 FPS.

The S5's LCD is only 2.5" but it is fully articulated (a huge plus
for me) The H9 is 3" but it can only tilt up and down (which is
still better than nothing).

The H9 will do HD video. The S5 appears to not.

S5 video is stereo. H9 video is mono.

The S5 can zoom while shooting video clips. I don't know if the H9
can or can't.

The S5 will do time lapse. The H9 will not.

The H9 has Sony's Nightshot mode for infrared photography in
complete darkness.

The S5 has face recognition. I've gotten pretty good at face
recognition myself over the years.

The H9 has predictive autofocus. I don't think the S5 does.

The S5 comes with alkaline batteries. If you want rechargeable,
you have to buy the NiMH kit. My S2 will burn through a set of
alkanines in two weeks even when it is powered off, sitting on the
shelf. The H9 comes with a Lithium-Ion rechargeable. I don't know
how long a charge will last on that one.

IMO, the H9 beats out the S5 by a wide margin. I have to wonder
why even after "skipping" the S4 model name, Canon's latest effort
was so weak. I don't know that I'll get the H9. I sure won't be
running out to get the S5 once it's available though.

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