Travel, walkaround lens recommendations?

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thanks...lens hoods

mark moe wrote:

Hi Henry, the 17-50 focus works fine at all focal lengths no matter
what type of focus i use (spot, area, continuous). I REALLY like
the 17-50...It 100% has met my expectations.

Thanks for that info!

I don't really have an answer for the 18-250 yet... I'm out of town
for a few days and will check out the wide-open focus performance
when I get back--you have me curious.

Yes, please let me know.

Sorry to hear about the focus prob's you've had...did you see David
K's post about tightening the screws on the mount? I haven't done
that yet but I will check it out.

I sent my 7D into to the service center 5 times over about 18 months and they never could fix the AF problems. Finally Sony gave me a full refund of my purchase price ($1500) so in the end I was happy. Yes, I saw the post about tightening the screws. Mine seem okay and it will AF okay other lenses, but I will check this to be sure.

BTW: $50 for a lens shade for the Canon lens is criminal.

Many Canon lenses don't come with lens hoods and when people compare prices they often forget that. Here's the lens hood for the 17-55mm:

How about $569.95 for a Canon lens hood? Check this out:

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