That's it! The 1D3 is here...

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read this what did the first mkII files look like

I do not for one instance believe that Canon would release a camera at least not in par with the mkII and I fully believe it to exceed the mkII, my belief. Thye have not let us down in the past nor do I expect them to now. They are an industry leader and have broken allot of new ground and lead the way in high quality high iso images by far. We are just all speculating on something we really do not know, the image I looked at before was 136kb less than 1% on the cameras full file, and I stated before I checked the exif info that it had that same funky look as when I erally downsize and image under 200kb and then I looked and I was right, also who knows what is up with the firmware release or anything, it is still too early, who knows maybe it got out before an upgrade no one knows anything, lets sit back and wait until there are allot of cameras on the Market and Canon officially says its a go. I was not disappointed with the images from Rob or Canon they looked great and when the mkII came out I was able to match those image when I recieved my camera.

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