Sony Alpha Price drop again

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Re: Sony Alpha Price drop again

Gil Knutson wrote:

Better hi ISO capability would really make it competative, and a
total elimination of "lazy eye problems" would the A100 the
perfect camera for the entry level.... I am not sure what they
can do to improve focusing speed, but that would be the only
other deficiency the camera really has that seems to be making
me and many others hesitant to make the plunge.

If Sony addresses those issues, I would bet that sales would
be much better, because almost every reviewer had an issue
with focus speed compared to Nikon... it was said in the same
breath as the accolades for the camera. Pics taken at ISOs
under 400 or 800 all seem to be second to nobody.

A fair point, but that assumes that these are issues to the average buyer? Are they?

How well is the A-100 selling? Does it have bad press?

Every camera has its issues.......the 400XTi is a good price, has very good AF, some have metering issues, its very plastic, smallest viewfinder out there almost, a weak kit lens.

My point is the 400 has weak spots..that dont seem to be damaging sales..

Is the D40 at its lower price point hurting both?

I have no idea........

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