Sony Alpha Price drop again

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Re: You have to keep in line....

dalen7 wrote:

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

And new models are always priced higher. Does it mean there is a

new entry level SLR out soon? Probably not...this year anyway.

Interesting you say this because:

The above link is a translated interview with a sony rep.

A question was posed about the potential of there being another
entry level model for the alpha line, and here are a couple of
interesting excerpts from the answer.

"...The meaning of this announcement (of the 2 new alpha models) is
that we believe
these two products have the highest demand, so we are working on
developing them
first. (note: developing first)
...But at this point our number one priority is to complete a 3
tiered lineup that goes from top to
bottom. " (note: from top to bottom)

so top to bottom.
Could this suggest the flagship model comes out, then the high
amateur, and then a remake of the entry level? Who knows...time
will tell.

For now, Im enjoying the families new alpha 100


Hmm nobody really knows..but to me it makes sense to have the semi pro body out ist.

Pro segment isnt a massive seller.........not for sony at present. The semi will nab both some working photographers (and I am starting in particular interest here).......and amateurs who want more.

So me bet is semi ist...

Pro some time later..

Makeover for the A-100 sometime next year

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