I think the D40 is overpriced and overhyped.

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Re: i love it when

kruger wrote:

Thom Hogan wrote:

D50: screwdrive motor for old AF lenses.

Thom, Regardless if they are old or new, they are the only ones
Nikon offers . Does Nikon offer AFS versions of the fisheye, 35F2,
85 1.4 ect etc etc ?

Nope. And I've used all three on the D40x and not been particularly bothered by the MF requirement. Most of the pre AF-S lenses have perfectly fine focus rings, and the Focus Indicator in the viewfinder still works on the D40 series. I don't think D40 users are going to be covering sports, after all.

Features the D40 has that the D50 doesn't: larger LCD, Manual flash
control, 12-bit rendering in the ASIC, faster write-to-card (by
quite a bit), deeper burst (buffer), a better viewfinder, RETOUCH
menu, MyMenu, a FUNC button

Besides the 12bit pipeline & larger buffer the rest of that list is
pure fluff..

Hmm, faster write and a better viewfinder are fluff. Okay, that's your opinion. Not mine.

Lets face it, if nikon dropped that cleaned up sensor
in the D50 and put it back out to market they would sell only a
teeny tiny fraction of the D80's they sell now.

Sorry, but I don't get that, at all. The feature set of the D50 and D40 really differs mostly on the focus side, and if you're buying a DX lens to use on your DSLR, it's AF-S. The feature of the D80 DOES differ from the D40/D50 in significant ways that are important to a more serious user. You're apparently saying that people don't buy the D40/D40x because of the "deficiencies" and buy the D80 instead. The market numbers don't support that assertion at all.

Image quality: the D40 is visibly better than the arguably good D50
at ISO 1600.

When is Nikon going to do something about that 10mp noisy sensor
besides put it in a smaller body with more NR ?

The sensor is entirely appropriate for the bodies it's in. And perfectly competitive with the Canon 10mp sensor in the XTi. If you're asking "when will Nikon come out with a 10mp sensor to match the 1DIII," that's a different question and the answer to it will be known within the next six months, probably sooner.

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