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Re: CHDK firmware suggestions

bfollett wrote:

I see a lot of suggestions getting made in the CHDK firmware
disussion threads, but I think a lot get lost or never commented
on. I propose we use this thread to make feature suggestions only.
Perhaps the developers of the hacks would be so kind as to respond
to each suggestion and let us know if:
1) They are actually working on that feature
2) They can not enable that feature in a firmware patch
3) They have not looked into that feature but would consider it
4) They would not consider doing that feature at this time

I suggest The Subject line for each new suggestion begin with
"Suggestion...", so it will be easier to find each of them.

I'll get it started

Please be noticed that CHDK is NOT able to change any standard behaviour of a camera (because it does not modify the original firmware). CHDK can just "extend" current functionality.


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