H2 and H9 - both showing similar effects

Started May 10, 2007 | Discussions thread
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It's worse in the H9

believe me. When using the H2 I just sold recently I had NEVER seen what you are illustrating unless I didn't have it on the FINE compression mode and oversharpened in Photoshop. The H2 IMHO is the BEST performer in the compression arena of ALL of the H series cameras. It has the least offensive compression levels and is the BEST match for the lens supplies. The sensor does NOT exceed the resolution of the lens. IMHO this may well be where the H9 falls short. They are trying to do too much with too little. Had I been Sony's engineers I would have provided a beefed up lens to go with a larger beefed up sensor, and then added a lossless Jpeg setting for those who want the best (about 90% of those in this forum I suspect). Just my thoughts.........by the way.....I like this group so much I'll still be lurking around even though I no longer have a Sony. You guys are a lot more fun to chew the fat with as opposed to other forum on this site. Please take that as a high complement

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