Emergency!! HP B9180 - HP EFI Designer RIP 5.1

Started May 11, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Klaus Caspersen New Member • Posts: 20
Emergency!! HP B9180 - HP EFI Designer RIP 5.1

Hello - I'm totally frustrated now. I really need some help from someone who can really "tame" the EFI Rip/ HP B9180 setup.

My setup is as follows:
Desktop Intel P4, 2 GB RAM
Win XP Pro, SP2
Photoshop CS

Just installed the HP EFI Designer Edition M 5.1 software for my HP B9180. I really don't have the need to simulate any offset press, or for that matter printing any kind of hard proofs. I only needed the rip to control the ink amounts individually - specially the black, when printing Fine Art.

I'm having a huge problem using custom .icc profiles, in connection to adding a custom paper. I've downloaded the Hahnemuhle .icc profiles for the B9180, and applied/connected theese profiles to the custom paper in the Profile Connector,- so far everything seems OK. But when I print with the new custom paper/icc profile - the printer goes totally berserk - printing reversed black and white, and a lot of squares - which shows something is totally wrong.

Sometimes in the end of the spool process the EFI-program even crashes. As soon as I select one of the papers/icc profile combinations that came with the program, everything is fine - almost!

And that brings me to my second problem. How do I print a "normal" print without trying to simulate some kind of printing press? - what input profiles and "Color Output Preset" do I have to select?

Third problem: When trying to run the CLC prosess from within the EFI software, the CLC target appers in the joblist, and the spool process start running. But when finished I got an error message saying: "Port: No connection to printer" I just don't understand this - 2 minutes ago I printed,- and with absolutely no "connection" problems. Do the CLC process within the EFI work for you??? (The CLC process runs absolutely fine in the HP standard driver)

HP supports this software, but when asking the hotline they just say they have to do some reserch - I don't think thy know anything about this program - My email came back with a link to how to run the nozzle check - GREAT - they even don't understand what I'm asking about
Their online helpdesk/email support for this program works niether.
Thank you HP - I relly appreciate this

And YES - I've read the manual and the help meny - but they are just so rubbish - and MANY places absolutely misleading - shame on you HP/EFI

Please help - I've been struggling for 3 days (and nigths) and I've not printed anything useable yet

PS: I've installed the ver. 5.1.3 online update. Afterwards the "Online Profile Updater" function stopped working....... absolutely fantastic!!

I use to be very carm and having a huge amount of patience - and know that there is a steep learning curve with most RIPs - but this is just TOO much.

What a damned $500 piece of S... program!!!! - That helped - I'm feeling much better now

EFI/B9180 users - please help!


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