Zenitar 16 FE- presentation and samples

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dick eduard
dick eduard Senior Member • Posts: 1,361
Sorry Jonas, just perfect shots !!

Hi Jonas,

Lately I was sceptic about the Zen but I must admit that your pics are beautiful. It looks like I sold the Zen to quick. I must say that I have used it often at 2.8 and that is exactly tje f you must avoid. But I can allways buy another one. You have quality pics in this thread.

have fun


Jonas B wrote:

My Samples:

Above: Indoor, uncorrected, notice increasing dostorsion towards
the edges

Above: Uncorrected (also available as original size)

Above: Uncorrected (London Eye, London, England ©Jonas B 2005

Above: Tjörnbron, Sweden ©Jonas B 2005

Above: It is all about the perspective, Lindholmen, Göteborg,
Sweden 2005

Above: admittingly a lousy picture, but I think you get the idea
about perspective

All pictures here are available at:
The second picture, in original size and unsharpened, can be
downloaded from there if you need it.

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