105mm VR f:2.8 Micro-Nikkor with chromatic aberration

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Re: 105mm VR f:2.8 Micro-Nikkor with chromatic aberration


I've seen the same problem in two out of three 105mm VR lenses I've tried. My GF got one quite a while ago that's very sharp and with essentially no lateral color (orange fringe on one side/blue on the other). I recently tried two new 105mm VRs; both had the problem to some degree. In fact, the first lens was so bad that almost every light/dark area had obvious bright orange/blue fringes. The 105mm VR review at Photozone.de talks about this as well (one of their two tested samples was bad in this respect). Very disappointing, and I've just given up on the 105mm. I'm tired of going to UPS to return packages (besides paying the shipping).

After this experience and several others like it with Nikon lenses, I've come to the conclusion that to keep lens prices reasonable, the lenses are just assembled as fast as possible, with minimal quality checks. If a lens isn't returned by a customer, from Nikon's point of view it's good enough. No doubt most lenses are fine (the ones I've kept are), or close enough that a casual user wouldn't know the difference, but some turkeys definitely get through, and it's apparently up to us customers to catch them.

Other lens makers like Canon probably work the same way; they're all dealing with the same basic economics. Reliably producing complicated optical systems that must be manufactured and assembled to stringent tolerances is expensive.

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