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Pentax SLR Talk FAQ

Welcome to the Pentax SLR talk forum on DPReview, this thread was created with the intention of providing knowledge and experience from the wide and long standing user base of this forum, to new users to Pentax, Digital SLR photography, and digital photography in general as well as some helpful tips about this forums interface and quirks of this Pentax forum.

The manuals of Pentax cameras are comprehensive, but at the same time they do leave unanswered questions, first step when ever you have a problem with your camera, it is a good idea to check the manual as it does contain useful info regarding camera operations. The next step would be to use the search function as there is always a chance that some one has asked the same question before, and it may also yield results and answers that you hadn’t considered. Finally pop on and ask, it is always easiest for us if you also post an image that demonstrates the problem as well, like they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

There is a setting in the custom features menu that is called "Allow aperture ring" or something similar to this, you need to set this to on if you wish to use older MF/ME lenses on your D/S(2) L(2) K100/110D, K10D, Samsung GX1S/L, GX-10, to meter press the AE-L button to force a stop down meter, this only works in "M" mode or the Green button on *ist D, K10D and GX10. is a site set up by users of this forum; it contains FAQs, the Racehorse list of frequent threads, Pentax Classifieds

If you are after lens information or any other info K mount related, I find this site to be one of the best reverences on the web:

CR and NT tags attached to threads mean that People are asking for Critic (CR) and NT means that their is no text in their post, if there are replies to that one though, it may be worth checking out as most forget to remove the tag

LBA means Lens Buying Addiction or Lens Buying Anonymous, it is the name give to buying lenses, there is also an unofficial rule that you cannot brag about your new lens without showing the first shot taken with it.

And be sure to check out the second and third (and 10th :P) pages of the forum as most threads at the rate that the forum is going along at these days can rapidly be sent off the first page.

The spot hosted by Janneman02 has portraits of well over 300 members of this forum, and is always expanding it can be found here:

Finally be wary of non Pentax K mount lenses the Ricoh mount which is similar to the Pentax KA mount has an extra pin that gets stuck in the AF cam, here is a thread with info about that:

If you have any other issues try the search function, it isn't great but can be a help, or if all else fails just pop on and ask, there are many here that are more then willing to help.

Next, please do not post ongoing Auctions.

For the purposes of house keeping with this thread, rename new information as "Addendum: "

Only Bump under the reply that is called “Bump (NT)”

I am sure that I have forgotten something but I am sure that other seasoned members will be able to fill in anything missing

This thread and its previous incarnations have served as a valuable resource to many and have been created with the time and best intentions of several users. If you have any issues with either the content or measures taken to ensure the longevity of this thread, please email me, my address is in my profile, rather then clutter this information post with post about it in this thread.
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