Problem printing borderless with Epson 4800

Started May 8, 2007 | Discussions thread
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bernieraffe1 New Member • Posts: 12
Problem printing borderless with Epson 4800

I've had my 4800 for over a year now, and i've never had any luck printing borderless, so I figure its about time to resolve the issue.

The problem has always been that the right hand side of the print gets truncated by about half-inch. The problem is not the actual printer as the driver's 'Print Preview' shows the same truncation. Here's what i've tried all with more or less same results:-

1. Borderless set to 'on' in printer driver
2. A4 or A3 print sizes
3. Tried both Qimage (my usual printing software) and Photoshop

4. Messed with driver's 'Expansion' settings', 'retain size' just give me borders all round.
5. Installed latest driver software
6. Tried a different PC

To be specific about the symptom, the print is truncated by about half-inch leaving a half-inch white gap at the paper's edge.

Can anybody help with this one?


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