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Re: Clarifying Pam's "Tweaking some colors and adding some lighting effects"

Like you Angie, I'm quite fascinated by this PWL technique, perhaps similar to the Dragan technique. I was googling online the past couple of weeks to read up on Dragan and accidentally came across Pam R's pbase site. I tried contacting Pam but was unable to. Perhaps my solicitation for help from her was intrusive as I haven't heard back from her. Then this evening, I was very fortunate enough to run across your posting on and I must say, I've learned quite a lot this past 3 hours stepping through the example provided by Pam and you. This is all very fascinating and I want to thank you and Pam for the contributions both of you have made. It certainly made my day. I learned something new today using Photoshop. Whether or not it turned out 'exactly' like Pam's or yours, the point is that I learned a new technique which I can hopefully build upon. Thank you.

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