Test photos D2X, D200, 5D, S5, M8, SLR/n

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Test photos D2X, D200, 5D, S5, M8, SLR/n

Our photo club decided to test a few leading cameras under the same studio conditions, and I have published the results, w/o an evaluation. Cameras used were M8, D2X, D200, 5D, S5 Pro, and Kodak SLR/n.

There is no evaluation. Just photos, for your own judgement. The intention is not to prove anything. It's just for hobbyists to know where the industry's leading cameras are. No biased PS as well. All photos "equilized" regarding WB, BP, WP, and GP. Levels adjusted (as much as possible) to the same values.


The setup and exposure values were the same for all cameras.

Nikon's and Kodak used the 85/1.4, Canon was with a 100mm Macro, M8 used the 90/2 ASPH,

Photos were made at the common ISOs of 160 and 320 ISO.

It was a professional's studio with very precise flash controls, and we were told to use F11 and F16 fro the 160/320 ISO shots. (unfortunately, this was the lowest power level). Highlight details are affected. (We did NOT correct these since all cameras were subject to the same problems)

Capture One LE was used for M8, PD was used for Kodak NC was used for Nikon's. (Fuji needs its own software to get the most out of DR function. Unfortunately this was not available and PS CS2 was used)

Then we used PS CS2, to define the same black point, white point and gray points and levels So we "equilized" all files..

SOME NOTES: Kodak gave the highest resolution at the cost of too much "color noise" and some strange artifacts which are known problems, and the photos demonstrated these weak point especially in the text cut offs.

M8 proved to be capable for low noise levels. Fuji will be uploaded again after Fuji software is used. It is supposed to give the lowest noise, while the present photos does not show it. (as well as the highlight details advantage is not seen)

Canon had still higher contrast than the Nikons, and this leads to better apparant resolution, while D2X performs equally good (IMO), but on a completely different philosophy. Canon had more washed out highlights, and the owner commented that probably Canon's ISO's are actually 25% higher. (?)

Anyway, the photos don't lie. You can make your own judgement, which is the best thing to do.


The first folder is the "test photos" folder. Inside you will then see the 160 and 320 ISO folders. The Main folder photos are the actual pictures resized unfortunately to 2048X ..., but still gives a lot. The details are all FULL size. Photo names identify the camera and the ISO speed.

Hope you like it.


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