Obsolete Filters, Julia B & Base ISO

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Re: Obsolete Filters, Julia B & Base ISO

with filters we try to balance all three channels close to "1", particular filter depends on the model of the camera. for example, on D2Hs magenta filter CC20M improves things under incandescent light, while for D2X pure blue filter (at least CC40B) is needed.

We could shoot this scene in three ways (with a constant
A) Set ISO = 200; then r=1 & b=0.5 and then in post process boost
the b channel by 2x.

B) Set ISO = 100; then r=0.5 & b=0.25 and the process b 4x and r 2x.

C) Set ISO = 100 and put a color filter to reduce r by 0.5x. Then
r=b=0.25, and we process r & b by 4x.

I am guessing that in my case where I am shooting at 1600 ISO I
would prefer cases A/B because of the problems with color
desaturation with low light levels.

desaturation occurs in raw converters to counteract chroma noise. raw data contains saturated colors.

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