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Grizzly, thanks and ....


Thanx for the report. As you know, a Dutch web-zine reported that the A300 would be available in June or July '07. Did you get the sense that the salesman implied an announcement in June/July, and a release later, (this year?)? Or, did you get the sense that the more detailed announcement implied that the camera would be available at that time, (in June or July).

Regarding FF, I stumbled on a Russian KM forum, where the rumor was that the A500 would be FF. I only mention this because, like your report, it was reported by someone speaking to a Sony employee, (if taken at face value). Importantly, the forum poster reported that the Sony employee couldn't say anything directly. However, the Sony employee suggested to the forum poster, that if someone were to research certain contract manufacturers (e.g. Cosina), they could deduce the sensor dimensions from the pentaprisms' specifications (presumably made by the contract mfg). I can't certify to the validity of their claim as all of it is above my head. "I didn't know math was involved"!

'm traveling now, and don't have the link to the Russian forum, handy. If you want, when I return I can append the link. Perhaps someone can give a better translation than I can.

b shaw

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