Just got off the phone with Sony...

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Just got off the phone with Sony...

I spoke with this particular technician twice. Gave him my H9 list of sorrows.

For birding and nature photography - I like everything about the camera except image quality. I love the way it feels in my hand - the menus - the manual control wheel. However -

1. don not like the bokeh in most pictures
2. does not have the excellent 'crop' capability of the H5
3. can not PP images - better get it right when you take the picture
4. does not take great pictures through glass
5. wet fur look/ blotchiness in areas of bird/animals
6. spot focus is hard to work with
7. high ISO lousy for wildlife

Nothing is working for me with any consistancy whatsoever. 5mp is no better than 8 mp - can not find a winning combination of settings. Kind of reminds me of the old 35mm days - when you could shoot several rolls of film and you got only a few outstanding.

My sister also bought the camera and is experiencing the same problems.

The Sony technician not only comfirmed all the noted issues but said he was having the same issues himself going back and forth between the H5 and H9. He said I was correct in assuming that the H9 was to be an upgrade of the H5 and should be better. He also said that Sony has not confirmed this yet or made a statement about the issues. He told me he had a list of other callers who've identified the same issues and hopefully there would be a firmware update.

BUT -- what if there isn't an update? And what if I can't return the camera? The 'returns' department is not open today. Also -- I bought the tele lens, and an extra battery and a 4 gig stick.

Many of you out there have several cameras - DSLRs and you just pick up a camera here and there. I have the H5 still -- but who wants to be stuck with almost $900 worth of camera (and accessories) that can't consistantly produce quality images. I'm sick. A hard lesson and the moral of the story for me is -- don't preorder a camera - WAIT and read and talk to others before you buy.

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