Pulling Pentax Pictures from Picasaweb tutorial

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Pulling Pentax Pictures from Picasaweb tutorial

Picasaweb is free, gives you lots of space for images, has a simple user interface for dealing with photos, and is a colossal pain when dealing with the DPReview forums.

However, once you get it to work once, it is fairly straightforward. The normal way people are used to embedding images – looking at them on a web page, then linking to that page – doesn't actually link directly to the image with Picasaweb (but rather to the album and their database), so you can't just add .jpg to the name and have it work. You have to trick it a bit...

Here's how to trick it. This has been tested using Safari on a Mac and Internet Exploder on a PC. Opera was also tested and it currently does not work this way...

First, open up the image from your album you want to post in a browser.
On the right-hand side of the screen, you should see "Link to this Photo"

Click on that and it will open up and give you choices: Paste in email, embed in website, select size, etc.

Pick the size you want to embed first. I usually do the "large" size, which is 800 pixels. Nothing will appear to change when you select this, but it actually changes the link in the part of the box you can't see.

Now go to the line where it says "embed in website" and you'll see a box with some HTML code. Copy all of it. There is much more there than you can see, so make sure you get it all. It will look something like this (though I've muddled around with the link to hopefully make it visible as text, not as a real link...so it won't quite look like this...)

"a href="httq: picasaweb.google.com/TwoUptons/FisheyeAnd
vvoIuwJI9lE/s800/80510003.JPG" > "

You don't want all of this, because most of it is google stuff that DPreview doesn't like. You have to eliminate everything except the image, which gives you this (again with extra quotes and _ ) The image is the part that starts with htt(p) and ends with .JPG;



That is a direct link to the image and should work on DPreview. If it does, you'll get a result like this (though maybe with a better photo):

Pentax K1000, Zenitar 16mm f2.8 on TMAX 400 C41 "analog memory cartridge"

Also, don't forget to make judicious use of the preview button before you actually post...


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