where to stay - Yellowstone and Rockies

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W. Garth Dowling New Member • Posts: 4
Re: where to stay - Yellowstone and Rockies

As far as yellowstone and grand teton national park, how do you feel about camping?

do yourself a favor though and skimp at some places and try to stay one night at the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone. One of the most remarkable structures in the US if not the world. We stay there once a year, course, we live just 60 miles to the south!

Seriously, if you want to stay in the park (YNP), try and make reservations now. Summers fill up fast. Backcountry permits aren't too difficult to obtain. Don't forget to get pepper spray before you start out.

It's all online.

Jackson Hole to the south is very expensive. Better deals can be had in West Yellowstone to the west of the park and access is just as easy. Gardiner is to the north, about 15 minutes away from Mammoth Hot Springs. Good soaking in the Boiling River in between.

I don't know anything about the Colorado venues.

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