8MP vs 5 MP quality

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8MP vs 5 MP quality

There has been a lot of discussion about whether or not 8MP images are using fine or standard quality. It seems through analysis with various shareware utilities that they are being recorded in standard quality.

I decided to try to confirm this in a very different way. On page 33 of the H7/H9 instruction manual there is a chart that shows how many images of various quality levels can be stored on a memory stick. Hopefully this won't be too hard to follow. The 128MB column reads as follows:

Size Capacity Size/image
8M 40 3.20MB
5M 51 2.51MB
3M 82 1.56MB
VGA(.307) 790 162k

What does all this mean? If my assumptions are correct, I would expect the increase in pixels from VGA through 8M to be proportional to the increase from 162K through 3.2MB (if image quality setting remained constant).

What do we see.
VGA-3M (9.8x) 3M-5M (1.7x) 5M-8M (1.6x)
162k-1.56MB (9.6x) 1.56MB-2.51MB (1.6x) 2.51MB-3.2MB (1.28x)

Notice how pixel increase roughly matches file size increases except when we jump from 5M-8M. I would have expected an 8M file to be roughly 3.9MB but it is on average 3.2MB. All this to support that Sony is using "standard" compression on the 8M images. Ready for some tough feedback on my first post.

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