Cleaning D200 sensor with 3M tape

Started Apr 20, 2007 | Discussions thread
Joe Ellis Contributing Member • Posts: 802
I never said tape didn't work well...

My friend cleans his cell phone with tape. Works good.

I have also had great success with tape. Like if I accidentally rip a piece of paper, or a piece of currency, tape does wonders for putting it back together.

I also once had to delete 100,000+ emails from Outlook. I wasn't able to select all of them at once and delete - the exchange server wouldn't allow it. So I used tape to hold down the "delete" key on my keyboard.

So many wonderful uses for tape. Who's to say that each piece of tape is the same though. I wonder what the QC process is like at the factory to ensure consistency in the adhesive agent. Further, how does temperature and humidity affect the properties of the adhesive? Too many unknown variables for me to risk it.

Now, the capitalist in me sees an emerging market for "sensor grade tape". If only I had pursued a degree in chemical engineering while in college...

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