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Alright, pics here

I took some pics so you guys can see what was bothering me. These pics were taken with the same parameters, and processed with identical settings in ACR.


This is the contrast shift on the Dell 2407, left is straight-on (note how detail disappears) and right is at an angle.


This is the contrast shift (almost nonexistent) on the NEC.


And this is the Dell 2407 again, but now I took two pictures barely moving the camera to one side, about the same distance from eye to eye, to simulate what each eye sees. Distance to the screen was about 22-24 inches. This is what bothered me too, each eye sees something just a bit different, giving me the annoying "polarized 3D glasses" look I was referring to earlier. Notice the bushes to the right being a bit brighter and showing more detail.

The angle is exaggerated by my wide 35mm lens, so in the little thumbnails it just looks as if the lateral distance between the shots was more than eye-to-eye, but it's just the illusion of the wide angle distortion at the borders.


And some final comments. I could not calibrate the NEC and the Dell to match. The Delll looked greener. I don't know yet which display is the culprit, but when I calibrated the Dell and my CRT. the CRT also was greener, so it's possible that my Spyder 2 is getting confused by the lack of detail in the dark areas. I am now calibrating my CRT again, and I will see if it matches the NEC. The Dell is already packaged, it's going back tomorrow or the day after.

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