Nikon coolpix L12 review

Started Apr 4, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Nikon coolpix L12 review

pros of L12 over L11
-21MB internal RAM vs 7MB

-one touch access to VR mode and Assisted Frame portrait mode (automatically recognizes faces and puts better focus on them)
-wider selection of image resolutions

pros of the L11 over the L12

  • $50 to $60 cheaper

-after taking flash photo on the L11, the LCD remains on.... as opposed to the L12 in where the LCD screen goes dark for a few seconds, making flash photography on L12 rather long, but still shorter than the L6 (confirmed this after trying out 2 Coolpix L12's from 2 different Best Buys)
-VERY SLIGHTLY smaller in size

-I personally prefer this 'bronze/titanium'-like color better than the L12's silver motif

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