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Re: planning for Safari trip

I agree with alot has already been said, but I'll throw my 2 cents in for more rounded support. I spent several weeks doing multiple safari's in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe.

On a full frame film camera, I brought a 100-300mm lens which I did not feel was wanting for the big game that most people go to see. After the first week, and finding the big game as common as squirrels back home, I pointed my attention at birds. I doubt the rules for shooting birds are any different than they are elsewhere. 300mm FoV on FF was too short.

Black Rhinos were scarce on my safari's. The closest I got, my 300mm w/TCx2 (600mm) was still too short, though this was exception.

Zoom is good, as you can not zoom with your feet. You don't want to get out of a vehicle while on safari. The big game will ignore you unless you step out of the vehicle. I wouldn't bother with a tripod, though wouldn't rule out a monopod. bean bag would be handy.

On safari, I had little use for FL/FoV less than 100mm. A small pocket P&S would be nice for snapshot memories though.

Extra camera batteries, and memory is a good idea. 8gig cards are pretty cheap these days. Since I was shooting film, I was not power dependent, and don't recall well the power situation. Some places had generators, though some camps not. Good idea to have good battery coverage.

I wouldn't sacrifice much space for night time photography. Out of four weeks, I had one small oportunity to shoot a bush baby. I had another oportunity for hyenas, though I don't think I could have made a kodak moment of it.

A good pair of binoculars is highly recommended. I brought Canon binoculars with image stabilizers.... well worth it.


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