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Why I chose NEC

Right now I'm typing in my 5-day old Dell 2407 (S-PVA), and I'm returning it next week, right after I get my NEC 2690. I realized this thing is not for me, and now I can see all the fuzz about S-IPS. The contrast in this S-PVA thing looks OK at first sight, but when you look at dark areas directly (90°), the detail disappears. This is, I know NOW (duh) one of the shortcomings. I was willing to skimp, but if it's like this, it's not worth it. Not only doesn't it work (for me, at least) for photos, but also for movies, especially HD ones.

The contrast changes and you will see the fine detail in dark areas when you look at an angle, so if you are not far enough from the screen (like really far, for desktop work) then in the very dark and small areas, this difference in contrast will look weird, because your two eyes will be seeing something different, since they will be at sufficiently different angles. It reminded me of the "weirdness" of when I look through polarized 3D glasses. I don't like that at all.

So I looked and looked for a 24" S-IPS panel, and only found the NEC 2490, at $200 less than the 2690, which besides being a bit bigger, uses a better backlight for improved gamut (92-93% of Adobe RGB, depending on who you ask), over the 2490 (the "usual" 72% of most LCDs).

So I went for the 2690, at more than double the price, what the hell... I already got burned too many times, not only with monitors, for going cheap. The Dell 2407 is still a great monitor, but I would use it for casual TV watching and stuff like gaming (which I don't do).

But mind you, I probably am a very picky person.

I also briefly thought about getting the 30" dell, which also has improved gamut, but it's actually too big for me, and the NECs are more graphics-oriented. They can be hardware-calibrated with an eye-one colorimeter, and their software, so I will take advantage of that. That is one of the reasons they are so expensive, they have calibratable 12-bit lookup tables.

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