Problems with Smart Auto Flash - Metz MZ40-x and K10D

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Re: DS K100 40MZ1i 40MZ2 3071 3072 3083 tests

Very interesting and slightly confusing at the same time.

blink_too_fast wrote:

Yes, bounced, rotated, one or two remotes, TTL, Easy, A, in-camera
flash compensation. Take your pick. Oh, I cannot do both auto mode
AND in camera compensation,

Not? I can do so. 40MZ-3 + 3701 + DS - this is getting weirder and weirder.

nor can I reliably dial-in compensation
on the flash unless I use the plain single pin adapter (SCA301?).

Umm. I have no idea how I set exp. comp. on the 40MZ, unless I am dialing in a "wrong" aperture, but the flash doesn't remember. Do you mean the same problem?

But why would I when TTL works?


Curiously ISO 1600 & 3200 overexpose whatever I do unless I match
the aperture to the max output of the flash, which is pretty silly
at 1600 & 3200.

This happens in (smart) Auto flash? Weird. It happens for TTL, too, starting at ISO 800.

The 40MZ1i works fine bounced, swivelled or straight.
The 40MZ2 works bounced or swivelled, but overexposes when
straight. Seems to fire full power.

Argh, so, not only do we have differences between the SCA 3000 and 3002 flashes, even the 40MZ series is inconsistent?!

All combinations control the SCA3083s with more 40MZs attached.

At last something that works as expected!

Let us assume that one of the 40MZ2's behaves slightly differently
to the others (depending on the 40MZ2 serial number, it makes a
difference to some Canons as well, I think), and that it is one of

Thanks for all your work. But I think I'm dizzy now

Seriously, I'm just thinking of what I should write on my flash info page that does not sound like "Hey, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't!" :-/

Our combined tests seem to show that there is a lot of variation in the Metz system, which I wasn't aware of :-/

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