Problems with Smart Auto Flash - Metz MZ40-x and K10D

Started Apr 26, 2007 | Discussions thread
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DS K100 40MZ1i 40MZ2 3071 3072 3083 tests

JensR wrote:

I have
ist DS
SCA3083 x2
40MZ2 x3

Absolutely any combination works fine on the DS in any mode

Did you test bounced? At which aperture(s) and ISO?

Yes, bounced, rotated, one or two remotes, TTL, Easy, A, in-camera flash compensation. Take your pick. Oh, I cannot do both auto mode AND in camera compensation, nor can I reliably dial-in compensation on the flash unless I use the plain single pin adapter (SCA301?). But why would I when TTL works?

With the SCA3702 & 40MZ1i, suitable ISO & f ranges are approximately as follows if aimed straight-on. If bounced, the maximum aperture size does not seem to be an issue. I have not been as thorough with other combinations.

ISO200 f1.4 and any size smaller until the flash maxes out and runs out of power to light the scene

ISO400 f2.0 and any size smaller until the flash maxes out and runs out of power to light the scene

ISO800 f2.8 and any size smaller until the flash maxes out and runs out of power to light the scene

Curiously ISO 1600 & 3200 overexpose whatever I do unless I match the aperture to the max output of the flash, which is pretty silly at 1600 & 3200.

One of the combinations does not work on the K100D in A mode,

Interesting. Would be interesting to know which combination that is
and what the error was/is.

Just had a testing session. Both SCA3701 and SCA3702 work the same.
The 40MZ1i works fine bounced, swivelled or straight.

The 40MZ2 works bounced or swivelled, but overexposes when straight. Seems to fire full power.

All combinations control the SCA3083s with more 40MZs attached. As I have remote flashes, I never aim the on-camera unit straight at the subject anyway, so the limitation above does not affect me.

I always run flashes in 2nd curtain mode. They'll function in 1st curtain but in higher ambient light situations the extra light available after the flash metering (TTL or A) has finished can sometimes be noticeable.

Metz specify 1/60s as the fastest usable shutter speed with remote flash, but I find I can ignore this rule without any negative effect and run at the camera's maximum 2ndC sync speed of 1/90.

There IS one combination of body + adapter + flash unit + orientation that does not fire the SCA3083 adapters, but I cannot find it tonight.

With 2 bodies, two adapters, four flashes, and three orientations that is 2x2x4x3=48 combinations, so please don't feel too aggrieved that I am lazy. I tried.

Let us assume that one of the 40MZ2's behaves slightly differently to the others (depending on the 40MZ2 serial number, it makes a difference to some Canons as well, I think), and that it is one of those.

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