DNG RAW progs for Oly ?

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Re: DNG RAW progs for Oly ?

Big Ga wrote:

Hi Folks,

The lure of going over to DNG is very strong. The biggest thing
stopping me is that I'm finding I really dislike the results that
ACR is giving with the newer oly cameras which doesn't bode well
for the new 410/510 and new E1 successor I'm afraid (not for me
using them easily with ACR anyway).

So what other RAW converters support DNG converted Olympus files?
any comments on what you consider the output quality to be like
would also be appreciated.

I don't suppose the brand new Olympus master/studio does DNG by any
chance? that would clinch it for me.

Given that the E-410, E-510, and presumably the P-1 use a new compressed RAW image that first showed up with the SP-550, you might have to wait a bit for the ORF-> DNG converter to catch up. As far as I understand it, Olympus also fixed the bogus way they stored the MakerNotes in the new RAW file, so you won't have to depend on something like exiftool to restore the MakerNotes if you use that information.

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