Disparity between histograms on D80 and NX

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Re: It seems relatively easy to oversaturate the red channel...

Chris Elliott wrote:

Very interesting. Can I just make sure I understand. Did you shoot
JPEG and RAW simultaneously and the JPEG was unuseable or were they
taken serially? Did you check the historogram on the D80 at the
time of shooting? If so what did it say?

Yes, simultaneously although I rarely work with the jpegs anymore. Sort of a safety net for me I suppose, like wearing suspenders with a belt.

No, I didn't get a chance to check the historogram on the camera as I was a bit rushed before work.

It might be worth a test to check out the historogram in RAW only
against RAW + JPEG.

Interesting. Are you offering the extra processing is possibly overloading the camera?

Were you shooting in 1a or IIIa?

Ia although I've been meaning to try some IIa shots and see if they are any different in PS. I don't know the benefit of going to IIIa? Any enlightenment here?

I have a feeling that at the margins like this is exactly where NX
may have the edge in processing but that is a wholly subjective
comment and I am biased!
Chris Elliott

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Yes, I keep meaning to get a copy as I'm using the NEF driver with PSE5 for now and am happy with the results. Here's a copy of the JPEG version of the same shot. It isn't cropped like the first and the only other processing I've done is reducing the size and quality for the web. I even played around with it a bit but the red and cyan are too far gone to make it practical.

Still, it's not the usual result I get as most times the RAW and cameral processed JPEG are pretty close.

Thanks for your reponse Chris

Back at it...

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