5D or 1D m2 ?

Started Aug 12, 2006 | Discussions thread
atyp1 New Member • Posts: 1
5d over 1d

canon 5d has the full frame sensor so it means it is what we were using for years with film cameras. Bigger viewer means You can see really what you are focusing on, ......It is newer .....(it is very important on this market ..everything is changing very fast ...new solutions ,new technologies,are going each day). It is 4 milion pixels more than 1d II ....It is smaller , you dont have to carry big heavy brick ....but You can if you buy battery pack.......I would never thought about 1d II ....If I were buing the camera like 5d ..... One more thing ...: If you will try to use some manual great lenses, .....some macro , or fish eye lens ....you will see the possibility of 5d. Many greatings .

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