Truly horrific picture results...

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Re: Looks fine with some processing....

Isahn wrote:

Next time bump the ISO speed up to 1600 and shoot at 2.8 1/125 if
you want no motion blur, or 4.0 1/60 if you want it a little
sharper and don't mind a little motion blur. Kids require a higher
shutter speed then most adults, as it seems they are always making
small quick movements.

I also think that your expectations might be a tad unrealistic. I
think most people think that 10 megapixels means that you'll have
super duper sharp pictures no matter what. That's not the case.
The lighting was really bad, and even the pro camera's wouldn't
have looked much better, with the exception of maybe the 5D because
you could have shot it at 3200 with a lens that stopped down a
little. But trust me, it wouldn't have been much sharper at that
iso speed.

What's funny is I don't think the mild unsharpness makes this a bad
picture. I think what makes it a bad picture is that lady in
pink's fat head in the way, and the fact that the picture is tilted.

Here it is fixed. I think it would make a nice print at 8x10 or
8x12. If your intention was to isolate your son, then you needed a
longer lens. If you wanted the group, then you just needed to tell
that lady in pink with the fat head to sit down.

Your comments about the person in front is un-called for & in fact downright rude ! It is always frustrating when people seem to get in the way of a good shot but the scene was not necessarily set up for the benefit of photographers.

It is always possible to spot photographers who get out of the way when they are in shot but not everyone is a photographer or in fact aware that they are causing a problem.

Frustration cannot be used as an excuse for a misogynist comment !


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