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Re: A620 1.00f firmware?

That was me (i.e the guy from Singapore). I have upgraded my A620 from firmware 1.00E to rev 1.00F. The memory card error message wasn't a big issue as I'm still able to continue taking photo shots. So the integrity of the SD card was never compromised. I then succeeded in installing the HDK afterwards.

By the way any guys who still have the older version of A620 (1.00E) can also request for the firmware upgrade file from me. I received the copy from JP (freedom2000) earlier. Thanks to him my camera can now accept the HDK mod.

Just a reminder on how to upgrade the firmware to version 1.00F:
1) Copy the "PSA620.FIR" into the root directory of your SD card
2) Insert the SD card into your camera
3) Insert fresh set of batteries into your camera
4) Turn on the camera in playback mode
5) Hit MENU button
6) Scroll down to the bottom of the list option and choose update firmware
7) Update will take less than 1 minute
8) Your camera will turn off automatically afterwards
9) Optional: Wait about 5 minutes before switching on your updated cam

10) Now your A620 should be showing version 1.00F with the dummy file "ver.req" as explained earlier on this forum
11) After that you can install the HDK mod


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