Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

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Re: Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

Hi all.
I'm a newbie from Brisbane, Australia.
I picked up a Pentax K100D 3 months ago - great investment.

But being an amateur on a novice budget (still a student), I was even cringing when I clicked the Buy now button for a Digital Concepts 736AF flash unit. I've read Guy's review on the 936AF, which is appealing, but I had one major issue with mine that I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with...

I bought the flash for its bounce capability. Hoping it would adjust flash intensity when I tilted the head, I was disappointed that the bounced shots came out very under-exposed. I bumped up the Flash Exposure Compensation to +1.0, but that made it worse. After a while, I thought to try the other way, going to -2.0, and it actually improved the exposure. Any logic in this?

The 736AF was claimed by the sellers to be P-TTL just like the 936AF, but I'm finding this is only true for direct flash. Is there something I'm missing or is this an engineering glitch with this flash gun?


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