D40 or D40x? - Decision Time

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D40 or D40x? - Decision Time

Apologies in advance if this question's already been asked and answered - with the search function of this forum broken I have no way to be sure

I've been evaluating entry-level DSLRs for a while now, and had pretty much decided on the D40, having seen many stunning images from it and read glowing reviews. But just when I thought "this is the camera for me," along comes the D40x!

Talking to a retailer yesterday (I'm in Australia, where like the rest of the non-US world we don't get the can't-miss US pricing on Nikon I got prices of AUD$899 for the D40 kit and $1250 for the D40x kit.

Now, obviously there's a fairly hefty megapixel bump on the D40x, but as a photographer who does little, if any cropping and similarly little large printing, I do wonder if I actually need a 10mp SLR (and let's not talk about disk space for archiving!) But some of the posts I've read here and elsewhere have raised some questions:

1. Is the 6mp sensor a better bet as it's "tried and tested" (I love the quality of output my friend's D50 work achieves), and also, as one poster here implied, the "optimum resolution" for an APS sensor?

2. Is there, as some have suggested, notable improvement in the D40x's image processing engine and/or operating system over the D40?

3. Well, basically, are the improvements overall on the D40x worth the substantial (around 33%) price bump?

I want this one to last me a while - I already use a Sony H1 and want to use the D40(x) for more creative and better quality photography than the point-and-shoot stuff I do with that camera (and it's the frustration I have with its low-light performance that's driving me to add a DLSR to my arsenal!)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - and any links to comparative images that would give me an idea of the relative performance of the two cameras (especially at high ISO settings) would be very very welcome

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