CHDK firmware hack discussion (5)

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CHDK firmware hack discussion (5)

This is a sequel to the old threads discussing the CHDK firmware.

The CHDK fw is a hacked firmware for DIGIC II cameras. Currently supported cams are A610, A620, A630, A640, A710IS, S3IS and maybe more (see the FAQ for a complete list).

The CHDK fw implements new features like RAW, battery indicator, live histogram (RGB/luminance), zebra mode (blinking areas of over- underexposure), DOF calculator, scripts (intervalometer, exposure/focus ... bracketing etc.), text reader, file browser, calendar, games and much more. New features get implemented frequently, so check the timeline for the latest changes, or the FAQ for a complete list.

The CHDK firmware does not touch the original firmware of your camera. It is an additional program which gets loaded into the memory of the cam. If you have a problem, just turn your cam off or remove the batteries, and the CHDK fw is gone.

For further information, a guide, download links and FAQ see the english WIKI:


Dear Vitalyb, GrAnd and all the others: Thank you so much for creating this wonderful piece of software!
Some screenshots:

Main menu

Histogram (Blended) and Zebra overexposure indicator

Script menu

The old discussion threads:

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