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Re: D40 Body Only

Retread wrote:

Looking for sales on a D40 body only, USA version (no gray market).
Don't need the kit lens as I've got a couple of them already
including the excellent 18-55mm that normally comes with it.

Convinced my wife that this is the way to go after she shot back
and forth this weekend with my D80 and her Coolpix 4300. That is IF
I can get the D40 for close to what she had budgeted for a new P&S.
Oh yeah, and it gives me the excuse to upgrade to the 18-200mm VR!

I'm not sure, but I believe I paid more for my last p and s than I did for my forty.

Just buy the kit and sell the lens for whatever it would take for you to bring the total cost down to the amount you want to pay....


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