Canon TX1 Indoor 720p Sample

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Canon TX1 Indoor 720p Sample

I ordered the Canon TX1 from early this morning and received it earlier tonight. Here is a sample indoor test video shot under fluorescent lighting. It's night right now in Japan so I have to wait until tomorrow for outdoor shots.

Towards the end of the video I tried to test close focusing capabilities. It had trouble when zoomed in but did pretty good at the wide end. This is under poor lighting so it might do better outside.

I recorded this on a Sandisk Ultra II 1GB card without any hiccups. On my 2GB "60x" card it choked on full res 720p video and would only record for a few seconds. (right-click and choose save)
(WARNING: The video is HUGE at 396MB)

The clicking sound is of my clock that was sitting about 3 feet away. The mic is pretty sensitive.

WB: Auto
ISO: Auto
Dimension: 1280x720
Lighting: Fluorescent
Focus: Normal

A cool feature I found was the ability to use it as a 16bit 44.100kHz stereo audio only recorder. In the Play mode you can assign the record button to launch the audio recorder and puts it in record standby (slow blinking red light). Hit the record button again and it records (fast blinking red light). All with the LCD closed. I think the audio quality is pretty good. This feature makes the TX1 not just a still and video camera but a decent audio recorder for podcasts, concerts, etc..

I purchased the camera here in Japan through for 44,800 yen out the door which is currently $375 US after or approximately $350 US before tax. So this camera is quite affordable in this part of the world.

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