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Cindy wrote:
I am tempted to wait for

the S2 and D100 but demand for NOW is too great! I really don't
like the fact that you need to apply 1.5 multipy to Nikon lenses
with S1. What about barrel distortion with E20 at 35mm. Has anyone
used the wide angle accessory?
How about closeup work?

Any Medical photographers out there using digital for patient and
PR strobe work have any experiences to share!

Hi, Cindy!

For the past couple years our unit has been using the Nikon E2 for burn patients (yes, I know that it is a real dinosaur, but for the purposes of the burn center, the file are really adequate). Coupled to the E2 is the SB28 flash.

The camera and flash are set up for normal TTL operation. Some levels adjustments are needed before sending the file to the surgery department. The print sizes that are requested are only 4X6 or 5X7.

When this current fiscal year started we were able to get the Nikon D1X and it is a really nice unit. We went Nikon because because that is what we had prior to the E2 and the D1X. I have used the D1X for some small product type of shot and for our Christmas luncheon and things really have worked out nicely.My manager who does most of the brochure work for the hospital literally drools the camrea.He is constantly amazed at the quality that he gets from the camera. Our marketing people love it when he goes on location, comes back, does some changes (levels, etc. in Photoshop), burns the files to a CD and calls them to let them know that the images are ready.

We really haven't tried the SB28DX yet on assignment. We only have two D Series lenses, so we are restricted as to the amount of totally automated flash work we can do.

Go to the Canon SLR forum and look for a post by RFK, 7:47:58 PM, Thursday, 2/28/02. You may get some more information there.

I hope that what I have passed along helps you!

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