What dog breed?

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good breeder +cerf +ofa

LilKnytt wrote:

This is an important post for anyone wanting a dog. Find out the
problems within the breed beforehand & a legit & honorable breeder
will guarantee the pups of any breed.

Do not shop for a pup on the web. Research on the web, meet
breeders in person & insist on meeting at least the mother of the
pup as not all breeders own the sire as well. Meet the breeders
adult dogs. Go to dog shows & talk to lots of breeders.

Larger breeds are especially prune to certain diseases, hip
dysplacia is one of them. Most breeds have some disease their more
prone to. Find out ahead of time as it does become costly.


I absolutely agree. When we got our black lab, Zeke, we shopped for a good breeder by frequenting the field trials, checking with friends who are bird hunters, etc. We found one who was an absolute revelation after our experiences with pound puppies and adopting friend/family cast offs. She interviewed US, made us sign a contract promising to take specific steps in our care of Zeke and promising that if we ever wanted/needed to get rid of him that we would contact her first so she could take him back if a good home could not be found.

Zeke is CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation ) and his forbears went through OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) screening. The breeder guaranteed against hip dysplasia for the first 3 years of his life, with a promise to pay for his medical care and/or take him back and care for him herself.

Zeke is 9 years old now and while he now prefers naps to romps he is healthy and happy.

-Never buy a puppy from a pet store.
-If you want a pure breed, shop for a reputable breeder.

-Otherwise, save a pound puppy. We have had several over the decades and I am convinced they know the fate you saved them from and show their appreciation every day.

my $00.2 worth

Doug Dickerson

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