18-55mm kit...or 24-120mm VR...

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Re: 18-55mm kit...or 24-120mm VR...

One thing I remember from my time there is that you carry everything you own everywhere. In the US it's possible to use your car to leave things or some kind of room, but the spaces there are sort of all used up. Your backpack becomes your world. You wind up not being able to have everything you might be used to having. I remember the day, after many months, I decided not to carry an English-Japanese dictionary.

A tripod for example night be a pain in the butt. You almost can't ever get rid of it. There might not be lockers or a storage place (because they either don't exist or you simply won't know of their existence because of language difficulties). Extra lenses or bodies have to be considered, too.

By the way, before you leave, try the find the system called "Home visit". It's a great way to see a family in their own setting. It's as close as you can get to experiencing "normal" Japan.

Guy Moscoso

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